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Review: My Favorite dry shampoo

I have tried many brands of dry shampoo. My first one led me to believe they were a total scam. Then I got a sample in Birchbox that changed my mind. This is not the product I am reviewing. My HG was chosen to balance price and effectiveness. Not to mention accessibility. I use Batiste dry shampoo all the time.

It comes in different scents and essentials lot it's a spray in powder. Even when my hair was dyed nearly black I was able to brush it out completely so no white residue was left. 

It isn't the most beautiful can and I don't live the fragrance but it does the job for under $10. You really can't beat that! 4/5 because I'm not done shopping around but I do like this product! 

Darling Clandestine reviews coming! More balms for live bodies....

Some Mask Recaps

**The Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask**  was selected by popular vote. It is another of the coconut gel type masks. Fits and feels exactly like the blueberry. I CAN NOT believe I am saying this but I… I think Leaders is one of those brands where I actually prefer their non hydro gel masks? I don’t know. Maybe I will give this mask (and the blueberry,) another shot now that my skin has recovered from the intense drying session I subjected it to with the Biore foaming body wash as face wash… I still don’t have the bottle on me to look for an ingredients list. It was abandoned at the home where I used it last and I’m not sure when I’ll be there again. I’m also not that excited about using it anymore because the skin on my body is even more prone to dryness than my face…

The mask fits the same as other Leaders Hydro gel masks. It’s relatively smooth and I don’t notice any strong fragrance in any positive or negative way. It felt nice enough and I like it well enough. It didn’t significantly brighten my face enough for it to help my skin more than a much cheaper My Beauty Diary mask… so beyond the fact that I love hydro gel masks I can’t call this one a huge win. I also feel the need to mention that the texture base of hydro gel masks varies in a huge way. The Banila co mask which I really disliked was two pieces. It also had a sort of mesh inner layer. The Leaders brand is all one piece and instead of a mesh it dries to a thin sort of plastic like film. It reminds me of a plastic bag like the ones the grocery stores used to have before they were banned. I think outside of my area in much of the United States these bags are still used? This was my first time falling asleep with a Leaders mask on my face late enough in the process that it stayed on. I think the extreme dryness of my skin played a part here… but the mask is very thin and it stuck to my face increasingly well as it dried. Peeling it off reminded me off those gel peel off masks from when I Was a kid!

At this point I kind of just went with what I wanted for masks because there was no next choice. I also felt like at least for a little while I should listen up when my skin complained and pick my masks based on the sad dried out state I let my skin reach. I stayed on the Leaders Boat for a while though!

**Leaders Vtia-Brightening Mask**

Remember how I said I might like the non hydro gel masks by this brand better than the hydro gel? Well this one of two examples. I like the way this mask feels on my skin and I like that it doesn’t slip around OR need to be carefully removed if I let it fully dry. I’m actually OK with a mask falling off when it’s dry. That’s what my mask cover is for!  Again I didn’t go the way of the dry skin treatment… I should have… Um… I don’t know I don’t have an excuse OK? I like the abuse. That said this wasn’t really abuse for my skin. No I didn’t have any acne marks to fade but I was trying to be preventative because i had chosen to go nuts with moisture patch testing be damned! It was this day that I stopped by the store to buy more horse oil. I know I know. A lot of people don’t like horse oil… I had let myself run out and not repurchased because I was testing sleeping packs and I wanted to see what they did without horse oil. The COSRX Rice preformed the best but I had seriously dried  myself out. It wasn’t just the body wash… I was having difficulty keeping moisture in my body at all. This was a health issue that I confused with a product issue. Oops. Any way aside from other medical intervention I decided to seal my skin as much as possible to prevent moisture loss. I also added Donkey Milk 3D moisture cream to my routine! 

**Tony Moly Earth Beauty Mask in Rice**

If you follow me on instagram you know I had a love hate relationship with this mask. I wish I hadn’t used the included mask… so if you have one waiting for use please just use mask capsules and save yourself what I experienced. This mask had the most moisturizing essence I’ve ever used. I’m positive it helped my skin recover and believe me that’s huge. It didn’t even make my skin feel sticky! It did however make everything stick to my skin. I was still hot and pretty gross so when I hadn’t fallen asleep yet two hours after using the mask I did cleanse my face a little with some bioderma before applying more moisture. I went with Bioderma (eek almost out…) because I know the Son & Park Beauty water has at least mild exfoliating properties and I was trying to be gentle. I think it worked. That said… the mask 100% fell apart. I couldn’t even leave it on long enough to see if all the moisture would absorb into my parched skin because it kept flopping off my face. Great man. So every time I tried to put it back in place it ripped a little more until I was covered in mask lumps instead of mask. When it flopped off in one piece I threw it away. I would recommend using a mask capsule like I said, using a mask cover (I didn’t have it on me and was at a friend’s house,) or laying down for um… maybe an hour? If you want to get the most out of this mask.  

**The Face Shop Character Mask (Sheep)**

Why did I use this mask after reviewing the dragon mask so poorly? Especially when the ingredients lists for all the character masks are identical? Well I wanted to give the masks a shot in a dryer setting to see if they still left my face sticky. Killing the moisture in my face gave me the perfect opportunity! Yeah. I’m finding the positives here. I also just really want to do a “which mask makes me look more like a sheep/dragon/cat/whatever post for each animal so I kind of had to use it eventually. You know what? It did feel better when I used it with the a/c on and on a drier face. I still felt the fit was not great and my housemate said I looked like a serial killer… But it helped hydrate my face and I think I looked cute. I did still feel a bit like rinsing off the essence but instead I slapped on some more moisture layers. My skin hydration levels are back up now and I think this mask helped. I’m also getting “your coloring is better, you look so much healthier today,” from the housemates so that’s a plus. My last doctors appointment did not go that direction so hearing that I at least look good is really nice.

Review: It's Skin Jeju Wild Ginseng Bio Cellulose Mask Sheet

This mask is skin safety tested according to the package. I kind of hope all masks sre...

The back

On my face
i love this mask. I love the feel and the fit. I doubt it has a ton of Ginseng because it didn't irritate my face but man it's a winner. if I could find the list in English to really rank it the score will be higher. I would love to use this again! 3.5/5 on my rating scale!
Have you tried this one? know what's in it? Love it? Hate it? please share!
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I probably use Instagram the most also CanIPutItOnMyFace… that’s funny to me because I had to be convinced to even download the application and then spend three years not using it. What can I say? I’ve turned into a sheet mask exhibitionist…

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Review: too cool for school McGirly Rice Wine Secret Whitening Gel Mask

Whitening means brightening so there is no skin bleach here. I love masks that brighten because sleeping and eating a balanced diet are not my strong points. When I get compliments on how healthy I look I know I have done something right!
too cool for school McGirly Rice Wine Secret Whitening Gel MaskI think it's sort of funny that the mask says "Make you girly," when it is a plain no frills grey and white packages. I happen to love grey so the mask actually gets points in a can't for packaging.
Secret Whitening Gel MaskThe back on the other hand only has a tiny patch of English which thankfully is the ingridients list. I'm not surprised that the list is a lot longer than what I see on most websites selling the mask. They tend to list only the featured ingredients.
COSDNA pulled up two red flags. Butylene Glycol is a low level acne trigger. Those with sensitivities should watch out. I would hate to be among that crowd because I see Butylene Glycol go often. The second flag is Chondrus Crispus which is a level two irritant and a level 5 acne trigger. That's pretty high in the red flag area especially considering it's the 6th ingredient.
I think at this point Chrondrus Crisps is going to receive it's own tag and perhaps an ingredient spot light. I don't see it often but I do see it enough to make me wonder. COSDNA lists the trigger warnings but not what it is or what it does! It's a thickener in case you were wondering. The more common name is Irish Moss and it shows up more in edible items than skincare based on my research. More on that later... back to the mask at hand.
No pictograph so I had to figure out putting the on all by myself!
And that was a complete mess...
Secret Whitening Gel MaskThe mask didn't really stick to my face all that well and there as extra material... The holes were too big. Better mask for a larger face maybe? Anyway it did stick to itself but getting it to fit as "well" as it does in the photo was at least a five minute struggle of folding and tugging. There was a light fragrance out of the package sort of a perfumey scent but it was not strong and faded by the time I finished getting the mask on my face. With all that effort my skin had better be freaking glow worm level bright when I take this mask off. I'm a harsh critic because well... I've been using sheet masks a very long time. I've tried many. I don't think most people would be as annoyed by the adjustments required. I know that before I found masks with near perfect fits I just thought that was part of sheet masking. So it's very possible that my difficulty with this mask has more to do with face shape/mask compatibility than a flaw with the mask itself. In fact I've seen many people saying they have to stretch masks out of get coverage. Have a more prominent nose? This will cover it.
This mask is intended to use "the magic of rice wine," to brighten the skin. Now I would give more credit to the Niacinamide. That's the 4th ingredient in this product. Between that, the grey package, the word wine, and the hydrogel texture I was so in!
How did it go? 
Well you can see in the photo that I'm not thrilled with the fit. It did not improve over time. I kept this floppy goo sheet on for 45 minutes trying to soak some brightening out of it. My much cheaper My Beauty Diary masks give me significantly more noticeable results.
The photo is poor quality. I took it while late night/early morning sheet masking. If the results had been incredible I would have worked on the lighting and at least not used the front facing camera to show them off but they weren't.
My rating:
I rate this a 2/5 on my rating scale and I'm being generous here because I think the fit might be better on a bigger  face. If I end up with another one I will give it away but I will check with the person first to see if the things that annoyed me about this mask will bother them. I only want to pass on useful things not potential problems.
Want to pick one up to give it your own test run?
RoseRoseShop will give it to you for $3.81
I'm not sure where I got it. As much as I didn't like it, it makes me want to try their 3D smart fit whitening mask even more. Maybe they took feedback about this mask and made something really awesome? That said it isn't on the top of my list to check out right now.
Have you tried this mask? Did you like it better than I did? What about other products from this brand? I have an egg cream mask sheet that I was really excited about but now... Um... Less? Then again the pumpkin sleeping pack is amazing but my views on that could be colored by my love of pumpkin.
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I’m CanIPutItOnMyFace if you are into Facebook… I’m trying it out.
I probably use Instagram the most also CanIPutItOnMyFace… that’s funny to me because I had to be convinced to even download the application and then spend three years not using it. What can I say? I’ve turned into a sheet mask exhibitionist…
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(post under construction) Why I'm still not impressed with Tony Moly I'm Real Sheet Masks

mI already wrote about my deep hatred of the Lemon Brightening Mask. If you read that one you can imagine why I wasn't exactly jumping at the idea of trying more. Well I had them so I've been using them and keeping notes. Feel free to check out that post if you want to read my earlier rantings... or See how these masks look on my face.

1. Tomato Mask for RadianceOn the back we have the standard instuctions and ingredients COSDNA Analysis gives only one red flag. Butylene Glycol is a level one acne trigger. Avoid this mask if you are sensitive to that ingredient. Or if  you hate tomatoes. Or if you lack patience. Maybe I should take my own advice here...

And I put on this mask on a day I really wanted to feel Radiant. I have no idea why I used this one because after my Lemon Brightening Mask experience it's a wonder I didn't just deaths the rest of these right? Well I've found hits and misses among the Tony Moly collection and  I didn't want to miss a new favorite already sitting in my stash due to one bad experience. I would have ended up buying them to try later if I didn't do it now. Curiosity killed the cat, but these are sheet masks not poison.
please not: Despite the pictures of food on the packages these masks are not for human consumption. You put them on your face... At least I did. Maybe I did something wrong?
Fresh out of the package this mask had plenty of essence. I recalled that from the Lemon Brightening mask. The mask smells sort of like watery tomato. It reminds me of rinsing a cutting board after making a fresh tomato sandwich. You know just the smell of the water mixing with tomato juices before you add soap? This mask made me hungry!
It probably would have held out for an hour based on the amount of essence in the package but I didn't have the patience I had with the first mask. I'm also not positive what sort of Radiance this is supposed to give me. I mean I think of brightening masks as giving radiance... So when I took it off I was hoping for at least a healthy glow.
Well... That didn't happen. Makeup provided my radiance that day. After I washed off the mask residue. This mask did not feel uncomfortable while I was wearing it but like the Lemon version it left a sticky feeling that I just couldn't handle.
3/5 for this one. I am giving it points for smelling like nice memories... Let's change the name and purpose to aroma therapy mask? On to the next mask!
2. Tea Tree for Skin Soothing
 So Tea Tree is a pretty common mask Flavor. It says it is for skin soothing in this mask. It says it will  get rid of my uneven skin tone. Even years of chemical peels hasn't done that so I'm not holding my breath! but maybe it could even things out a little, at least temporarily. Sheet masks are supplementary skincare not magic wands after all!
COSDNA Analysis Red flags are all low level. Avoid if you are sensitive to Butylene Glycol or Carbomer.
My test run...
While the Lemon Mask smelled like Lemon and the Tomato like watered down tomato, I didn't get even a hint of tea tree from this mask. Tea Tree oil has a pretty recognizable scent and I've been using it in skincare since I was a kid so i'm pretty sure I would recognize it.
Well 30 minutes after I put it one my skin looked the same. Again it was just sticky and wet. I felt slightly more gross than when I put it on. Not even a cooling sensation here. 2/5... I know someone likes these right? Please share if you do. I mean these were the masks chosen to sell at Ulta and Sephora. To represent Tony Moly products in the United States along with the Pocket Bunny mist I hold close to my heart. There had to be a reason for this choice. I will try them till I find it...
3. Seaweed Skin Purifying
 Bright and Radiant with the freshness of the sea sounds good. I know a lot of people doubt "Special water" claims but I always found the ocean seemed to make my skin heal. I'm pretty sure it was the salt content...This is technically not a sea water mask anyway. It's seaweed.
COSDNA Analysis  Red flags are all low level. Avoid if you are sensitive to Butylene Glycol or Carbomer.
Trying it out...
I'm OK with the fact that this mask doesn't smell like seaweed. It smells a little like an "ocean" themed scented candle minus the smell of wax.
That's it. 30 minutes and we have a sticky face. Great. Really glad i put this on. 2/5.
moving along...
4. Pomegranate for Elasticity
 ...again....COSDNA Analysis finds...Red flags are all low level. Avoid if you are sensitive to Butylene Glycol or Carbomer. It's almost like... despite the different "flavors" and purposes... these masks are exactly the same!
This masks says it will help to firm sagging skin. I don't find my skin to sag on my face all that much but I have noticed a difference with other firming masks. Combined with good hydration a firming product makes the skin feel "bouncy" hence the elasticity claims....
This mask smells more like a light floral fragrance than like pomegranate. Please change this line name from the "I'm Real" line to the "scented candle and aromatherapy shop," line and maybe i'll like the line better. Of course that wouldn't make the sticky feeling I need to wash off go away. At least it wasn't irritating? 2/5. NEXT!
5. Aloe for Moisturizing
 COSDNA Analysis Red flags are all low level. Avoid if you are sensitive to Butylene Glycol or Carbomer. No seriously I looked the mask up. Check the link man.
Not much noticeable scent to this mask. Aloe doesn't have a strong smell so I'll call this a win. All this mask is meant to do is moisturize. I like the simple claims. Each mask has one purpose!
Well.... This mask did moisturize my face! I had to wash off the excess essence but really it was the first Tony Moly I'm Real mask that just did what it said. 3/5. I prefer not to wash off my sheet mask essences. That's part of the appeal of a sheet mask to me really so it loses some points there. But honestly. Best of the bunch so far!
6. Red Wine for Pore Care
COSDNA Analysis Red flags are all low level. Avoid if you are sensitive to Butylene Glycol or Carbomer. Just really avoid the entire Tony Moly I'm real mask line if you are sensitive to those things. This mask is supposed to even the skin tone  by making pores less visible. I have a pretty serious BHA routine that makes my pores pretty invisible. My skin texture is damaged by scarring. It looks like pores kind of... but even the best mask won't change that! Still anything that maintains that empty look makes me happy.
That's why this mask was worth a shot. I also happen to LOVE red wine.
...This doesn't smell much like red wine. Not any wine I would drink any way. Whatever. Skincare right? Inspired by red wine... still it doesn't even make me want to drink red wine. Has anyone else ever left just a little bit of wine in the bottom of a glass and not gotten to washing the glass till the next day? Maybe I'm just gross but I have. This masks reminds me of washing that glass the next day. The wine has turned into a gross near gel layer on the bottom of the glass and you have to soak it in hot soapy water.... This mask smells like that. Not really pleasant. I left it on for 30 minutes anyway.
2/5 face looked exactly the same... I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and say maybe it helped with maintenance. I don't known. Even if it hadn't felt sticky (it did like all the other masks,) I would have washed it off to make the smell go away. I didn't have a taste for red wine for a few days after. So... if you are trying to cut calories this mask might help!
This makes a total of 7 Tony Moly Masks I'm Real masks reviewed. There are 11 in the set so that means I have only four left to try. (OK I'm lying... I just didn't want to keep typing. I have two more to try... the others can go in another post.)
I also have some pureness 100 masks to try as well as two from the earth beauty line. I think maybe I'll try those out before more of these because honestly... I'm not loving any of these. If you want an AWESOME Tony Moly mask try the Snail Hydrogel mask. Those are fantastic! Have you tried the Tony Moly I'm Real Mask line? Tell me about it in the comments. Don't worry! If you love them I won't bash you. I probably love something you hate too. That's why we have so many options and I won't stop trying new things!
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I probably use Instagram the most also CanIPutItOnMyFace… that’s funny to me because I had to be convinced to even download the application and then spend three years not using it. What can I say? I’ve turned into a sheet mask exhibitionist…

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Customer Experience Recap: Jolse

Most people have already heard of Jolse. If you haven't they are a company that sells makeup and beauty products from Korea. They have frequent sales and today I got an email about another one! 15% off everything! I'm not really in purchasing mode at the moment but if you are they are a great place to check out. They are constantly adding new brands. Sulwhasoo  launched on the site last month and caused quite a stir! 
I already told the story about how they became known as "BAE" in my post about Kifi so here I thought i would share some of my own experiences. 
In addition to frequent 15% off sales Jolse also offers store credit cash back on each purchase. The amount varies based n customer level and everyone gets at least 3%. You can also earn store credit by posting reviews on their website. You get $0.50 for a simple summary (seriously just two or three lines of text and selecting a star rating,) and it bumps up to $1 if you add a picture. I think these are both great ways to keep customers coming back and to get active feedback on products. I know that I look for reviews before purchasing and enticing people to give their opinions with a little incentive is nice. I've written in that a product was horrible (only once) and I got the same credit as for my positive or neutral reviews. I really like that they accept honesty. Some companies (looking at you Sephora,) will take down things that aren't glowing. (I didn't even curse or anything guys, I was good!)
The thing is... I couldn't find on the website what exactly customer level means. I mean you can get higher levels of cash back based on customer level. I like that idea! I also wondered about products purchased outside of their main website. If you don't want to wait for shipping from Korea and they aren't running a sale it's nice to be able to gram their products on Amazon. If you see an Amazon listing with Jolse as the seller you can be sure the product is genuine and they often have prime shipping (sometimes free same day over $35!) That means many of my products didn't come from their website directly. Could I still review those items? The button only shows up for purchases from the website. 
I did the only logical thing I could think of at the time. I contacted the company. I tried googling "Jolse customer level" a few times first because I was sure I was just missing the information and I didn't want to be a pain. Once I had two questions though I figured the worst that could happen would be no answer. 
I got an answer and I'm going to share it here because I think it will be useful to other Asian Beauty lovers! I got an email in under 24 hours answering my questions and presenting a very tempting offer!  First I was told that I can still get store credit for reviewing products from their Amazon store. How? Well I can just email them a link with permission for them to share it and they will manually add store credit to my account. Cool right? I haven't done this yet because I want a really polished post if the company will be reviewing it. 
I leaped over my first insecurity hurdle just yesterday by reviewing Darling Clandestine's Balm For live Bodies. Because Evonne is a one woman show I asked her permission before posting. She graciously agreed and said I could use photos from her store! (I'll have to update and add those in... her stuff is beautiful but my tins (like anything I own for a long time and carry with me,) are not. I was still nervous there so I didn't post a link but when I left a comment that I had published someone asked to read it. Then SHE asked me if she could share. Man she's so sweet. I've been a customer for years and I've had enough conversations with her that she feels like an interest acquaintance rather than just a shop owner. 
Wow I get side tracked easily. I love Jolse as much as i love Darling Clandestine just in totally different ways and for totally different products. Now on to the second part of the email. Customer level. We all get 3% but who are those lucky people getting 5% or even 7% in cash back for their purchases?  Jolse sent me a link that I was somehow unable to locate on my own... and it explains customer levels. Just in case you don't want to click i'll explain. To become a VIP and get 5% cash back your previous purchases must total over $1000. To get the 7% cash back your purchases must total $3000 so you become a VVIP. Wow! I don't think I'll be reaching either level but some of you might. Especially if you do group orders or have lots of Asian beauty loving friends and relatives (come to the dark side...)
Now you know!
note: I am not in any way affiliated with Jolse. I didn't get any cash for this post (not even store credit,) 
Check them out Here!
Will you be buying from the sale? Do you have a wishlist? Have you purchased from Jolse in the past? Tell me about it in the comments! 
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I’m CanIPutItOnMyFace if you are into Facebook… I’m trying it out. 
I probably use Instagram the most also CanIPutItOnMyFace… that’s funny to me because I had to be convinced to even download the application and then spend three years not using it. What can I say? I’ve turned into a sheet mask exhibitionist…
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