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Review: too cool for school McGirly Rice Wine Secret Whitening Gel Mask

Whitening means brightening so there is no skin bleach here. I love masks that brighten because sleeping and eating a balanced diet are not my strong points. When I get compliments on how healthy I look I know I have done something right!
too cool for school McGirly Rice Wine Secret Whitening Gel MaskI think it's sort of funny that the mask says "Make you girly," when it is a plain no frills grey and white packages. I happen to love grey so the mask actually gets points in a can't for packaging.
Secret Whitening Gel MaskThe back on the other hand only has a tiny patch of English which thankfully is the ingridients list. I'm not surprised that the list is a lot longer than what I see on most websites selling the mask. They tend to list only the featured ingredients.
COSDNA pulled up two red flags. Butylene Glycol is a low level acne trigger. Those with sensitivities should watch out. I would hate to be among that crowd because I see Butylene Glycol go often. The second flag is Chondrus Crispus which is a level two irritant and a level 5 acne trigger. That's pretty high in the red flag area especially considering it's the 6th ingredient.
I think at this point Chrondrus Crisps is going to receive it's own tag and perhaps an ingredient spot light. I don't see it often but I do see it enough to make me wonder. COSDNA lists the trigger warnings but not what it is or what it does! It's a thickener in case you were wondering. The more common name is Irish Moss and it shows up more in edible items than skincare based on my research. More on that later... back to the mask at hand.
No pictograph so I had to figure out putting the on all by myself!
And that was a complete mess...
Secret Whitening Gel MaskThe mask didn't really stick to my face all that well and there as extra material... The holes were too big. Better mask for a larger face maybe? Anyway it did stick to itself but getting it to fit as "well" as it does in the photo was at least a five minute struggle of folding and tugging. There was a light fragrance out of the package sort of a perfumey scent but it was not strong and faded by the time I finished getting the mask on my face. With all that effort my skin had better be freaking glow worm level bright when I take this mask off. I'm a harsh critic because well... I've been using sheet masks a very long time. I've tried many. I don't think most people would be as annoyed by the adjustments required. I know that before I found masks with near perfect fits I just thought that was part of sheet masking. So it's very possible that my difficulty with this mask has more to do with face shape/mask compatibility than a flaw with the mask itself. In fact I've seen many people saying they have to stretch masks out of get coverage. Have a more prominent nose? This will cover it.
This mask is intended to use "the magic of rice wine," to brighten the skin. Now I would give more credit to the Niacinamide. That's the 4th ingredient in this product. Between that, the grey package, the word wine, and the hydrogel texture I was so in!
How did it go? 
Well you can see in the photo that I'm not thrilled with the fit. It did not improve over time. I kept this floppy goo sheet on for 45 minutes trying to soak some brightening out of it. My much cheaper My Beauty Diary masks give me significantly more noticeable results.
The photo is poor quality. I took it while late night/early morning sheet masking. If the results had been incredible I would have worked on the lighting and at least not used the front facing camera to show them off but they weren't.
My rating:
I rate this a 2/5 on my rating scale and I'm being generous here because I think the fit might be better on a bigger  face. If I end up with another one I will give it away but I will check with the person first to see if the things that annoyed me about this mask will bother them. I only want to pass on useful things not potential problems.
Want to pick one up to give it your own test run?
RoseRoseShop will give it to you for $3.81
I'm not sure where I got it. As much as I didn't like it, it makes me want to try their 3D smart fit whitening mask even more. Maybe they took feedback about this mask and made something really awesome? That said it isn't on the top of my list to check out right now.
Have you tried this mask? Did you like it better than I did? What about other products from this brand? I have an egg cream mask sheet that I was really excited about but now... Um... Less? Then again the pumpkin sleeping pack is amazing but my views on that could be colored by my love of pumpkin.
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