Thursday, October 29, 2015

Some Mask Recaps

**The Leaders Brightening Recovery Mask**  was selected by popular vote. It is another of the coconut gel type masks. Fits and feels exactly like the blueberry. I CAN NOT believe I am saying this but I… I think Leaders is one of those brands where I actually prefer their non hydro gel masks? I don’t know. Maybe I will give this mask (and the blueberry,) another shot now that my skin has recovered from the intense drying session I subjected it to with the Biore foaming body wash as face wash… I still don’t have the bottle on me to look for an ingredients list. It was abandoned at the home where I used it last and I’m not sure when I’ll be there again. I’m also not that excited about using it anymore because the skin on my body is even more prone to dryness than my face…

The mask fits the same as other Leaders Hydro gel masks. It’s relatively smooth and I don’t notice any strong fragrance in any positive or negative way. It felt nice enough and I like it well enough. It didn’t significantly brighten my face enough for it to help my skin more than a much cheaper My Beauty Diary mask… so beyond the fact that I love hydro gel masks I can’t call this one a huge win. I also feel the need to mention that the texture base of hydro gel masks varies in a huge way. The Banila co mask which I really disliked was two pieces. It also had a sort of mesh inner layer. The Leaders brand is all one piece and instead of a mesh it dries to a thin sort of plastic like film. It reminds me of a plastic bag like the ones the grocery stores used to have before they were banned. I think outside of my area in much of the United States these bags are still used? This was my first time falling asleep with a Leaders mask on my face late enough in the process that it stayed on. I think the extreme dryness of my skin played a part here… but the mask is very thin and it stuck to my face increasingly well as it dried. Peeling it off reminded me off those gel peel off masks from when I Was a kid!

At this point I kind of just went with what I wanted for masks because there was no next choice. I also felt like at least for a little while I should listen up when my skin complained and pick my masks based on the sad dried out state I let my skin reach. I stayed on the Leaders Boat for a while though!

**Leaders Vtia-Brightening Mask**

Remember how I said I might like the non hydro gel masks by this brand better than the hydro gel? Well this one of two examples. I like the way this mask feels on my skin and I like that it doesn’t slip around OR need to be carefully removed if I let it fully dry. I’m actually OK with a mask falling off when it’s dry. That’s what my mask cover is for!  Again I didn’t go the way of the dry skin treatment… I should have… Um… I don’t know I don’t have an excuse OK? I like the abuse. That said this wasn’t really abuse for my skin. No I didn’t have any acne marks to fade but I was trying to be preventative because i had chosen to go nuts with moisture patch testing be damned! It was this day that I stopped by the store to buy more horse oil. I know I know. A lot of people don’t like horse oil… I had let myself run out and not repurchased because I was testing sleeping packs and I wanted to see what they did without horse oil. The COSRX Rice preformed the best but I had seriously dried  myself out. It wasn’t just the body wash… I was having difficulty keeping moisture in my body at all. This was a health issue that I confused with a product issue. Oops. Any way aside from other medical intervention I decided to seal my skin as much as possible to prevent moisture loss. I also added Donkey Milk 3D moisture cream to my routine! 

**Tony Moly Earth Beauty Mask in Rice**

If you follow me on instagram you know I had a love hate relationship with this mask. I wish I hadn’t used the included mask… so if you have one waiting for use please just use mask capsules and save yourself what I experienced. This mask had the most moisturizing essence I’ve ever used. I’m positive it helped my skin recover and believe me that’s huge. It didn’t even make my skin feel sticky! It did however make everything stick to my skin. I was still hot and pretty gross so when I hadn’t fallen asleep yet two hours after using the mask I did cleanse my face a little with some bioderma before applying more moisture. I went with Bioderma (eek almost out…) because I know the Son & Park Beauty water has at least mild exfoliating properties and I was trying to be gentle. I think it worked. That said… the mask 100% fell apart. I couldn’t even leave it on long enough to see if all the moisture would absorb into my parched skin because it kept flopping off my face. Great man. So every time I tried to put it back in place it ripped a little more until I was covered in mask lumps instead of mask. When it flopped off in one piece I threw it away. I would recommend using a mask capsule like I said, using a mask cover (I didn’t have it on me and was at a friend’s house,) or laying down for um… maybe an hour? If you want to get the most out of this mask.  

**The Face Shop Character Mask (Sheep)**

Why did I use this mask after reviewing the dragon mask so poorly? Especially when the ingredients lists for all the character masks are identical? Well I wanted to give the masks a shot in a dryer setting to see if they still left my face sticky. Killing the moisture in my face gave me the perfect opportunity! Yeah. I’m finding the positives here. I also just really want to do a “which mask makes me look more like a sheep/dragon/cat/whatever post for each animal so I kind of had to use it eventually. You know what? It did feel better when I used it with the a/c on and on a drier face. I still felt the fit was not great and my housemate said I looked like a serial killer… But it helped hydrate my face and I think I looked cute. I did still feel a bit like rinsing off the essence but instead I slapped on some more moisture layers. My skin hydration levels are back up now and I think this mask helped. I’m also getting “your coloring is better, you look so much healthier today,” from the housemates so that’s a plus. My last doctors appointment did not go that direction so hearing that I at least look good is really nice.

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