Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Beauty Regrets (or NOT) from my other blog

I was browsing /r/asianbeauty while procrastinating other more important tasks and I came upon a thread about regrets. You can read the whole thing here if you want to dive in. The thread really stuck with me because I realized mostly what I don't regret. I'm about to get a little philosophical so skip this one if you aren't into that stuff! I promise to finish a few of my real review drafts soon. 1. Trying all the things at once! The most common regret was diving into products without testing. I've said before that I don't typically patch test but I do space out new products. I've had the luxury of strangely dry and hard to handle skin since childhood. This might not sound like a perk and it certainly didn't feel like one but it did come with a lot of doctors reccomendations for treating my skin. That means that for as long as I can remember I've been giving products a few weeks (or even months,) so see how they work. It never occurred to me to cover my face in a million new things in one day. It also led me to carefully research my products before using them. I was saved from over exfoliation, skin issues with an unknown cause, and a host of other issues all because I had experience. I honestly never would have guessed that my childhood years spent with raw skin being teased by classmates for being diseased would have a silver lining but here I am! 2. Not having the budget to try all the things everyone is raving about. OK I have to admit that there are a few products I desperately want to own but I can't justify at the moment. After trying the Illi Anti Aging Cleansing Oil (thanks Fiddy her amazing review led me to temporarily abandon oil balms,) I want the whole line because... The smell! I also feel a need to test out the Tosowoong Monster Pack because it looks similar to the mask from hell except I've only read good things and Tosowoong seems to make consistently good products. Or I'm a masochist. Maybe both. Actually all the new Tosowoong stuff on Memebox is calling to me... But I don't really regret not having the spare cash to try those things right now because I only have one set of skin and I rent a small room. I don't have the space for piles of products, I don't want to let things expire, and I like to space out my new products (see above,) soooo if I got all the things I want now I would end up with more clutter than I already have. Not cool. 3. Not getting to try a product before it is discontinued/becomes unavailable. This is the response that triggered this post. It brought me out of many weeks of leaving drafts unfinished because I just couldn't stop thinking about it! I'm kind of sad that I missed out on the Hair Box on Memebox. I have dry skin that extends to my scalp and the value of the box for $10 was amazing! All things I wanted to try too... But I still can't call it a huge regret because I still have other Shampoos and unless the other products are miracle workers I will probably be too lazy to use them regularly enough to justify a repurchase. Now I have read that some of those items ARE miracle workers so believe me when I say I hope that box comes back but I can't be too upset because I don't know what I'm missing. Not getting to try a specific product rather than a curated box before it is discontinued makes me even less sad. I still have a little of my Mizon Returning Starfish Cream and I will hoard my empty jar forever but knowing how fun the texture is and that it works all while coming in a beautiful and affordable package makes me miss that stuff. I don't like missing things I once enjoyed. It's sort of like NY pizza. I'm from NY state and honestly the pizza in California will never be the same. Even the chains connected to branches in NYC with pizza made with water shipped in from NY don't taste the same. My theory is that the climate plays a role because pizza is after all made of dough. Humidity and altitude change the way the pizza turns out... Maybe? Anyway my point is that for the people of California the stuff they call pizza is just fine. Even if they go visit NY and try the pizza they can come home and enjoy the stuff here. They don't know the pleasures of accessible amazing pizza and that means they have no pizza shaped holes in their hearts. I'm really probably over thinking all this because I'm reflecting on life choices and experiences that changed who I am as a person. I wouldn't change the past and yet... There are things I wish I didn't know how to miss. So you know what? If my entire wish list is discontinued before I get to it or the prices skyrocket to totally unattainable levels due to popularity based price gouging I'll be OK. My current lineup makes me pretty happy and if some of those items vanish there will be more. There will always be a new product. There will always be another sale. Don't let reviews of shiny new things get you down if you can't have them. Don't spend too much time lamenting the magical cream you never got to try. Skincare can be a huge part of life but it's only a tool. /end rant Anyone else want to share beauty regrets? Disagree with my rambles? Wonder where my best of 2016 post is hiding (near March?) let me know in the comments and stay tuned for more structured content.

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