Wednesday, April 6, 2016

My Scheming Mandalic Acid Brightening Mask

Pictures coming move in progress...
Rants and Rambles
My Scheming is a Taiwanese company that makes affordable sheet masks that are easy to use and over the past few weeks they have given me a reason to call whatever I am doing relaxing. Using a beauty treatment means I am relaxing right?
The Mandalic Acid Brightening Mask explains the purpose in the name. This is my second review of a brightening mask. You can tell I like that type of thing huh? The description in English on the packaging offers translucent skin. I already have visible veins all over but I think it just means bright and clear. Translucent skin to allow my inner glow to shine through is how I am looking at it. 

The packaging is pretty cute too...

COSDNA revealed zero red flags for this mask. Now I'm excited. This also contains Tranexemic Acid a common brightening ingrident in sheet masks. I am even more excited!
Check out my poorly lit before photo below

So there I am all freshly showered wearing the nearly floor length sweater I have been calling a bathrobe for the past few months. The buttons really should have been my clue but anyway... You know you want to see the mask on my face right?

Okay so it isn't exactly beautiful either. I have some that fit wonderfully but let's just start with the embarrassing products first eh? Really dive in!
My Take:
I wore the mask for a little over 30 minutes. There was plenty of essence to apply to my neck, chest, and arms. 30ml really is a ton of essence and I'm thinking of popping a dry sheet mask into the package to get two masks out of one package next time. These masks are already affordable but hey I'm frugal.
See any results?

I actually took these photos while texting a friend about my evening plans and he had already seen (and agreed with my review,) of the Tony Moly mask so he was impressed that this mask had visage results. I'm clearly less red. I have an antibiotics enhanced sunburn going here so I can't expect perfection but it really did help me out. I like this mask. A box of 10 is around $15 and sometimes even less if you can find them on sale. I give this mask a 4/5.
Would I repurcase?
I have a lot of masks but if I find my drawer emptying out or find really good sale I would buy this mask. It isn't the prettiest to wear but it also doesn't slide off my face horribly, it doesn't make my face sticky afterwards, and it does provide a temporary brightening effect.

Have you tried this mask? What did you think?

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