Sunday, August 28, 2016

Holy Snails/About and My Reviews

I really like Holy Snails Products. The line is expanding past where I can justify linking to all my posts in each new review so I'm making a list of the products and including the links here.

For those just looking for reviews I'll link mine first. For anyone who wants more information on the shop (and a chance to save on first purchases,) Beneath the links I have a sort of "about Holy Snails from a consumer perspective," including information on the rewards program and how to save on your first purchase.
Shark Sauce-The Product that started it all! Review here
Snowbang-Another Blogger inspired product and fantastic routine staple Review here
Perseids Oil- Review Here
El Dorado- Review HERE! (update as of 11/25 there will be a NEW version with 10% instead of 7%...thats more vitamin C.) I'm excited... are you?
Sheepish Lip Balm-Review HERE!
Lemon Shark- update... Here! 
Holy Snail Water-Update! Got it... and reviewing it... and getting the new option with the alternative preservative for comparison since some are bothered by the scent... I'm not.
Tres Leches Cream-Also to be released but I've got a bit of a testing head start on this guy....
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Holy Snails is an Asian Beauty inspired Indie Skincare shop that was essentially started by peer pressure. A super knowledgeable woman named Chel was doing what many of us skincare fanatics do and dipping into the DIY world. In chatting with a fellow blogger the inspiration for the first product Shark Sauce was born. The product is named for the Reddit username of popular blogger Fiftyshades of Snail.
This product got people talking. The results were everything requested and more. Small batches were made for friends but word traveled and EVERYONE (myself included,) wanted to get their grubby hands on some Shark Sauce. Chel posted her recipes on her blog but DIY skincare takes time, money, and careful measurement. People demanded a ready made product. A group was born with sign up sheets for bottles. I kept getting beaten by the clock. I'm among the few people in my age group I know who spends large portions of the day not  connected to an internet source. Blame a small data plan and not having a desk job... believe me it is NOT by choice. Anyway over time the demand reached such extreme heights that a shop was born!
Thank you so much Chel for caving. The shop opened and then the led to a new and improved shop with a points system and all sorts of new goodies.

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