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Acwell 5.5 Refined Foam Cleanser

I loved the Acwell Bubble Free so I had to try the foaming version. Even though I don't prefer foam... most people do so I wanted to be able to give my opinion because oh so many people care what I think. Really I just tend to want to try things from a brand when I have a few hits. And foam can have it's place in my life. Or what if I couldn't get my hands on my preferred option? I find it's best to never set my heart on one product alone to avoid wanting to empty my bank account on back ups that will expire before I use them on ebay at the first word of discontinuation. Ahem...Returning Starfish anyone? 
What's the deal?
Cleanse your skin with this super foamy, creamy cleanser.
  • Protects the skin’s moisture barrier after washing for long-lasting
  • Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients used in Traditional Korean Medicine such as Licorice and Peony
 I like CREAMY! and my moisture barrier... and Licorice... and anti-inflammatory anything because while I don't get much acne inflammation is one of my problems. Acwell 5.5 Refined Foam Cleanser

 How do you use it?

DirectionsMETHOD 1
• Dispense ~1cm or less into the palm of your hand to lather.
• Massage over face
• Rinse with water
• Dispense into foaming net and create a lather with net
• Massage foam over face
• Rinse with water
HA! I love that they include using a foaming net as a second set of directions. You can now also try Method 3 with the Whip Maker* (review totally coming. I had to... and Yeah I made a whole post outta a single tool. Sue me.)
Used it both ways. More foam with a net for sure. More foam = less cleanser used for cleansing = longer lasting cleanser. I vote for the net (or whip maker.)
Note This product contains Salicylic Acid. Please consult doctor if you have sensitivity to aspirin.
NEVER have I seen a product warn about this before even SO many products contain Salicylic acid. I just think it's really responsible from a brand accountability standpoint so I included it.
Ingredients in Korean정제수, 미리스틱애씨드, 글리세린, 부틸렌글라이콜, 스테아릭애씨드, 포타슘히이드록사이드, 포타슘코코일글리시네이트, 라우릭애씨드, 소르비탄올리베이트, 글리세릴스테아레이트에스이, 글라이콜스테아레이트, 코카미도프로필베타인,  피이지-60하이드로제네이티드캐스터오일, 향료, 카올린, 징크피씨에이, 감초추출물, 작약추출물, 승마추출물, 갈근추출물, 하이드룰라이즈드알진, 징크설페이트, 위치하잴수, 차전초추출물, 클로랠라추출물, 사과추출몰, 홍화추출물, 석류나무추출물, 콩추출물, 살리실릭애씨드, 메칠파라벤, 프로필파라벤
The best I could get with google translate: Water, Rye preview stick Acid, Glycerin , Butylene call, stearic acid, potassium Hebrews Eid hydroxide, potassium cocoyl glycinate , Slough Rick acid, sorbitan up the bait , glyceryl stearate eseuyi , Glycol Stearate , cocamidopropyl betaine, not blood Hydro -60 jeneyi suited castor oil , spices, kaolin, zinc PCA , licorice extract , peony extract, extract, horse riding , Puerariae Radix extract, hydro -rise Lula de KNOW , zinc sulfate, and jaelsu position , chajeoncho extract, raelra claw extract, apple extract Mall, safflower extract, pomegranate extract, soy extract, Salicylic acid, methyl paraben, propyl paraben
I loved the Bubble Free cleanser by Acwell so of course I had to try the Foaming version right away. I gave it a solid two weeks test as my solo second cleanser and while I still like the Bubble free the best I would buy this one as my second choice if I made the mistake of running out of my favorite while it was out of stock. For those who want the experience of Acwell's high quality low PH barrier protecting formula but can't live without the foam this is a great option.
img_2199I did not find this cleanser to leave my skin as hydrated post cleansing as the bubble free cleanser but I know I have dry skin and I use many moisture layers. This cleanser was not drying in a way that affected my skin through out the day. This does make me think that this might be a good option for people with oily skin. It was less hydrating but not to the point of being stripping like a well known super foamy cleanser that comes in a blue tube... (I don't want to brand bash so I won't mention the name.)
I think it's great to have options! I probably won't purchase this one as regularly as the Bubble Free version but I can image this could be a top contender for those who need the bubbles.
I appreciate the addition of licorice root extract. I don't typically look too deep into ingredients for something that I'm going to quickly wash off my face but I love licorice root extract for brightening so when I use this I'll let it sit on my face for a few minutes before rinsing. Give it a shot!
Final Verdict?
Honestly it's only flaw is being a foaming cleanser when I don't prefer foam OR I want a "fancy" experience if I'm going for foam. Think Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick (review years overdue,) or Sulwasoo Snowise Ex Cleansing Foam (used enough samples for a testing period to review but have a hard time with that because I can't see myself springing for a full sized tube... EVER...)  for foam lovers who want a solid product with mild fragrance this one is a winner. 3/5 for my own collection 4/5 if I'm being realistic. I like it better than most in it's price range.
1- I want both my money and the time I spent using this product back. It should never be used and if I encounter another in my collection it goes to the trash bin.
2- The product is nothing special but not horrible. I would use it again or give it away if I got it as a free sample.
3-The product is nice enough but I would not repurchase because I have many better options. May be better suited for others
4-I really like this and would likely repurchase if I do not find something better.
5-I love this product and it has become a staple in my collection.
So now you know what the numbers mean!
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