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Functional Accessories... or why my cat ears are about more than being cute...

I wear a lot of headbands with giant bows and cat ears. I know they look silly and honestly I'm a little old for the "cute" look but I'm not stopping. I decided the tell the tale of my headband use...

I've always hated putting things on my head and around my neck. I don't even like crew neck shirts and I will never wear a turtle neck again. As a kid I wouldn't wear a hat or scarf no matter how cold the weather was or how hard the wind was blowing. This greatly frustrated my mother because people (my school, other parents, etc) would always ask her why she wasn't properly dressing her child for winter. She turned to fleece headbands as a solution. I never felt as restricted by a headband. Granted once I hit my teen years I ditched those too. I'm glad I at least listened to her about sunscreen...
When I was 21 I bleached my hair blonde. It was a bad choice. I did it myself. That was an even worse choice. I also have OCD. Recipe for disaster much? I imagined that the color was not even. Looking at pictures my then boyfriend took of my hair... they weren't visible. But I was sure man... So I bleached my hair over and over trying to get the darker patches out. I did not wait in between bleaching. My waist long hair was destroyed and my scalp was burned. My scalp still is not the same. I'm almost 28 and my hair still doesn't hit my hip bones again.  Patches of my hair fell out entirely. My cousin was a hairstylist and I lived near him at the time. He managed to shape the frayed remainder of what was once hair into something that looked passable when styled. It took around 3 years before my hair grew out enough that I was willing to cut off the frayed ends. My hair ended up chin length.
The gym was an issue. The little patches of bald spots started growing out and I had chunks of hair (one right on my hairline on my forehead  covered by thick bangs...) that stood straight up when my hair wasn't styled. Hair spray and the gym don't mix. So what did I do? I used headbands. My search for quality functioning products wasn't only in the skin care area. I discovered that headbands that cost a little more really did work better. A friend turned me on to Lululemon headbands and honestly they didn't slip as much. I wore them backwards refusing to display the logo.  Twice now headbands have come to my rescue. Now that my hair has grown out to one length I just stick to a ponytail. The headbands helped absorb sweat and when I occasionally slap one on they still increase the comfort of my workouts. But I'm lazy...
So for years I dealt with the annoyance of getting my skincare into my hairline. Pulling my hair back with a headband or a turban towel solved the problem but you know what? It was the same as the headbands of my youth to protect from the snow and my workout accessories of my early twenties. I just am not willing to put in the effort to keep track of an accessory even if having it makes my life easier.  Enter Etude House Lovely Etti Cat Ears...

I'm a cat lady. My "older brother" was a cat. My parents got a cat and I'm pretty sure he was the experiment child. He lived to be 19 and that means he was my best (often only,) friend for the first 17 years of my life. My great aunt Margaret was sort of a cat lady. She would never turn away strays when people dumped them on her property. I say dumped because its a little hard for that many cats to just wander on to 36 acres of property. The cats were split into "barn cats" the feral cats that would not come inside and the more affectionate cats that would. Even her semi indoor cats often were not friendly enough to let anyone but her pet them. I remember trying to win  the affections of one of the shy cats.
So those ears... I had to have them. When I actually got them though I was surprised. They weren't just a cute accessory. The band actually was pretty high quality. My head didn't feel pinched and the headband stayed in place really well. I got them to add more cuteness because honestly most sheet masks aren't pretty but as you can see above I don't even bother catching the ears in my photo from most of the time. I quickly realized that I needed more than one. I mean the band touches my hair and I wanted to make sure the thing I was putting my head was clean. Then came the the bows. advertised a free bow headband on Instagram with purchases over $100. I desperately wanted one. I whined on Instagram that they should sell the bows in case people liked them and wanted to collect all the colors. They actually responded! They had gotten this from a lot of people. Should they sell them? Well now they do! Since then I've found cute headbands lots of places. A friend of mine purchased some multi colored cat ears for me from Amazon after a saw a post on reddit about them. I did a photoshoot modeling them all. They are cute but not quite as nice as the Etude house Ears.
I got them in pursuit of vanity. Drawn by the cuteness... But it turns out that they work for me. Acquiring different "looks" helped me have enough variety that I don't have to worry about running out of clean head wear. I hand wash and air dry them so that's a good thing. Still though sometimes my laziness wins. I occasionally pick out a headband to correspond with the packaging of my chosen mask (I know the vanity!) I sometimes set the headbands aside in weird places or I might just be in a a rush and then I skip the headband. You know what happens every time? Regret man.

Above is an example of two wash off packs and two sheet masks I skipped the headband to use. Guess what? One of each was a winner and one was a failure... But you know what I noticed each time? I wished I had thrown on a headband. As much as I like the Elizavecca mask it stuck in my hairline as much as the Tony Moly Mask from Hell.  I really hated the Dr. 119 mask and even wrote post devoted to how much that line sucked. The Tosowoong mask was refreshing but I was still annoyed by the wisps of hair trapped under the sheet.
I bought them because they were cute. I admit that fully. I could use a plain headband especially since I have a collection from the times I was using them regularly at the gym. The odd thing is that I wasn't motivated enough to actually put in the effort regularly until I was trying to look cute. It was the Kangsi Pack that sparked this line of thought (review in progress,) but since I took the photos for my post I've skipped the head band on and off and this time the thoughts stuck. Cute as they may be they preform a function and the way they look motivates me enough to actually use them. Weird right?
Do you have any weird things that "trick" you into doing something you normally won't put in the effort to use? Know of any more cute headbands I can put on my wishlist? Let me know in the comments.

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