Sunday, October 23, 2016

Mediheal Dress Code Blue

What it is?
This unique face mask is not only fun to use but is also highly beneficial for the skin. It is multifunctional as it delivers abundant nutrients to the skin for it to achieve optimum results. Mediheal’s Dress Code Mask in Blue (Aqua Care) is a highly moisturizing mask to perfectly supply hydration to dry and rough skin. This contains hyaluronic acid, lavender extract, and rosemary extract which are premium ingredients that have numerous vitamins that are beneficial to the skin. Get smoother and softer skin by making sure your skin is properly hydrated with Mediheal’s Dress Code Mask in Blue!
-Description from Memebox

Rants and Rambles:
Dry rough skin is often a perfect description for my face. This mask is also really pretty. Are there lots of other mask that hydrate? Of course but they don't all look this cool.
The back of the packaging lists ingredients and rough instructions for use. Most of the package is not in English but I don't need a textbook to use a sheet mask.

Here is is on my face!

The Mediheal Dress Code Blue Mask is one of the prettier masks I have tried. I don't look silly wearing it.  OK not that silly compared to other masks...
Would I repurchase?
When I run through a bigger portion of my mask supply I would totally consider a purchase of this mask. It's nice to feel a little fancier in my skincare routine and this fit is better than most masks. The effects aren't mind blowing but this is a sheet mask not a professional chemical peel. I rate this 4/5.
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