Saturday, October 22, 2016

Musings: Why I Decided to Make My Reviews Public (published a year ago)

I started this post many weeks ago... Trying to let go of the imperfect here and posting it.

I'm not the most polished beauty blogger. In fact I have a hard time even calling myself a beauty blogger at all considering how few products I've given detailed review in a large and public way. I started writing about products to keep track of why I liked them or didn't like them. There are some products I have insisted on buying and then tossing in swap, giving away, or throwing away more than one time because I was just sure that this time things would be different. Sometimes people do have a better experience with a second shot because there is a better way to use the product or their skin condition has changed over time.
There are so many cool products out there that I really don't want to spend my time or money on things that I don't enjoy and notes help me to keep track. Reading reviews has helped to guide me through a sea of products to figure out which things to try next. Sometimes a product that I am excited about is a major fail for me and sometimes things that don't get a ton of positive buzz are amazing.
I also often find myself really wanting to love a product if others like it. I think showing the less glowing side can be really helpful. Snow White and The Asian Pear posted this review of a series of products she just found to be lack luster for her and I really appreciated reading a review that was neither ranting not raving about the products inside. She inspired me to break out some of the things I'm less excited about trying or writing about. The Tony Moly I'm Real sheet mask line is a great example. I put on the Tomato mask for radiance today. I really wanted some radiance because I was feeling dull in all sorts of ways. I have products I know will give me that result but I took a leap anyway.
Why don't I just toss the rest of a line if I don't love the first product? My review of the Tony Moly I'm Real Lemon Brightening Mask wasn't all that positive. I keep trying things along a line I know I don't like because I'm searching. I'm searching for a gem in the group and maybe I won't find it.

I'm searching in most areas of my life. So I'll write the reviews for the boring products as well as the exiting ones. I have to admit while I love writing and reading reviews some parts are tedious. The parts I don't like writing are the parts I skim over in reviews that I read but I try to include those parts if I can. I know the parts I like best aren't the only important things to note. I am not a professional and my review aren't the best but they are a chronicle of my time. I spend my time trying new things and trying to weigh my options in skincare and in life.

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  1. Sometimes it is ok not write certain areas but things you say about a product that nobody else does, like your own experience with it can trigger more readers than just giving the typical description cosdna, ingredients list, specs, etc. Write your own way and your own style! x0