Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask
I love My Scheming Masks and they don't get enough love on my blog. I tend to talk more about the strange shiny new things I try because they are exciting... But sometime I need to return to an old faithful.
I took a very long and stressful trip to visit my family. Visiting my family really requires multiple trips because they are scattered across the country. Only one or of my brothers lives on the West Coast with me so it was back to the East. I sheet masked before the trip but when it was over I was in need of some glow boosting.
I could have chosen to experiment but I went straight to something I know works for me. Here's my face when I started.
My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask

Check it out!

The back... Um please ignore the spilled printer dye smudges. They aren't there... It's an illusion (or I spilled printer ink refilling cartridges and destroyed a lot of my things. You be the judge.) anyway it has so cute graphics that will tell you how to put it on in case you are especially challenged in m that area.

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask
 Now on my face! See the fit is pretty dreamy. I raved on Instagram  about Lovemore, lusted after them really and yet... This is the best of the best for the price.

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask

 And after!

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask
See it worked! They always work. I can nitpick like crazy about fancier masks but this is why. A pack of these is $15 plus tax, under two dollars a mask and they work. My eyes are closed enough that you can actually see my double eyelid despite the hooding. So I still look tired but my skin is less red. I look glowy. I'm tired but happy. This was a one mask night.

Even the COSDNA Analysis has nothing negative to say.
Guys we have a 5/5 right here. I'm not going to run out for more till my stash dies down a bit but we have a serious winner here!

1- I want both my money and the time I spent using this product back. It should never be used and if I encounter another in my collection it goes to the trash bin.
2- The product is nothing special but not horrible. I would use it again or give it away if I got it as a free sample.
3-The product is nice enough but I would not repurchase because I have many better options. May be better suited for others
4-I really like this and would likely repurchase if I do not find something better.
5-I love this product and it has become a staple in my collection.
So now you know what the numbers mean!

My Scheming 7-in-1 Brightening Mask

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