Thursday, October 20, 2016

Quick thoughts: Tony Moly Horror  Fantasy Red Blood Wash (moved from Wordpress 2015)

Tony Moly Horror  Fantasy Red Blood Wash
I love Halloween and I love the circulatory system. I miss donating blood and I hope to donate bone marrow one day. So this...

Tony Moly Horror  Fantasy Red Blood Wash

 This just called to me!  It's smells like a cherry Popsicle not like blood so don't worry. It's also a pretty sheer red gel so I wouldn't expect staining if you get it on a towel or something. 

I don't love the way it dispenses. I have trouble with the plug at the bottom so it sort of gushes out. It isn't especially foamy but for a nice smelling shower jelly it's just fine!

This is way discontinued but I would by it again just for the fun factor. Unlike the other product I tried with it... 

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