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The long awaited review... The Baiden Mitten

Baiden Mitten
It comes with an insert.
It comes with an insert describing the 60 day money back promise and some suggestions for use. That's cool right?
It comes with an insert describing the 60 day money back promise and some suggestions for use. That's cool right?
The product that changed my life... The Baiden Mitten

*This review isn't sponsored. I have both received a Baiden Mitten as a gift AND purchased one as a replacement when mine was lost in a move. At the time of purchase I had a seriously low budget and I cut every corner because after I used it I couldn't live without it. The Amazon links are "Amazon Associate" links though... In theory I earn a commission if they are used enough. I'm not really sure how it works. I'm not a high traffic enough blogger to have the clicks add up. If they ever do though I'll totally explain it. People have been using my Holy Snails referral links though. Thanks guys! It's so cool. It makes me feel like my opinion counts. Man... that's kind of needy right? On to the review!
Story time! 
I've struggled with skin issues my entire life. My skin is very dry and for years the itchiness caused me to scratch my skin raw in my sleep. I did years of doctors visits testing for allergies and sensitivities with elimination diets. I was recommended every lotion, oil, soap, bath soak, and even prescription creams with fun not for long term use stuff like cortisone. None of it helped until I got frustrated one night in my early twenties and started layering on failed products all at once. Layering was the key to keeping  my skin under control and it felt like magic. But I still never had the soft skin a person expects when imagining the touch of a woman's flesh. Call me sexist but I honestly felt a lot less feminine and attractive because despite the fact that I was no longer clawing my flesh raw in my sleep my skin still had some serious textural issues... And scars for the years of skin abuse in my sleep. It took a horrible skin relapse, a cross country move, and an unexpected gift from an Internet stranger who appreciated my respect for her opinion to finally give me the skin I always wanted. I'll go more into  my journey and struggles in another post but right now I just want to tell everyone why this product made the rare list of "holy grail" items. 
Let me just repeat... *This review isn't sponsored. I have both received a Baiden Mitten as a gift AND purchased one as a replacement when mine was lost in a move. At the time of purchase I had a seriously low budget and I cut every corner because after I used it I couldn't live without it. 
I've had this review in my drafts for so long. I know many of my readers are into Asian Beauty products and obviously so am I so I know there is a huge Italy towel following. If what you are using works for you I am not knocking your routine. I'm just here to talk about what worked for me, what didn't work, and why I'm a convert. If I motivate anyone to purchase I hope you love it and that's enough for me. If you don't well... There's a 60 day money back guarantee. 
On to the post (really this time)!
I've had all my thoughts written down for a long time but since this is a review I thought you might like a little structure. There will be some storytelling (as usual,) but there will also be a breakdown of why this products is a favorite. I don't take the term HG (holy grail,) lightly so I have been using this product for YEARS and I even waited to write about it because I was nervous about sounding like an ad. I don't care what people think of ME but I don't want to put anyone off trying the products because all the reviews sound overhyped and fake. So I've decided to break down the points I'll hit.
  1. About the product: This will cover things like the money back guarantee I mentioned, the instructions for use (really using it right matters,) and my take on the claims made. 
  2. Other methods of exfoliation I have tried: what I still use (yeah that's right I love my Baiden Mitten but my problem skin needs loads of love,) what was a total fail for me (and remember YMMV so if these things worked for you I am not calling you a liar or asking you to join my cult of exfoliation.
  3. How I ended up trying the Baiden Mitten and the story of how my skin reached its worst state in years before it arrived.
  4. Why I went without the Baiden Mitten for a while, how that worked out for me, and why I made serious budget decisions to fit a replacement. 
  5. Photos... of my very old Baiden Mitten that is still going strong. It's not pretty anymore like the pictures and honestly I am shocked with each use that it still works the same. I'll leave a gap in case anyone is grossed out by photos of my grungy bath mit (and yes I do wash it regularly it's just old.) 
  6. Maybe if my phone can still take a decent photo in its waterproof sleeve a few of those gross skin rolling photos the Internet loves. I promise no nudity and I'll get my tattoos in the photo (check past blog posts if you have questions. Aside from one on my leg taken from a Dali painting my tattoos are all 100% original art.) 
I realize this post might not appeal to everyone but I committed to posting all about my skincare journey and that includes body care too. I'll put a heading on each section so if certain parts don't interest you but others might they can be easily skipped. Also to avoid grossing people who want to read but don't want to see skin piles or a very well used product this time the photos will all be at the end of the post after a warning. 
So what is this Baiden Mitten anyway?
Remember how I said that Italy Towels didn't work for me and that people saying that they were exactly like the Baiden Mitten made me afraid to try it and risk disappointment? OK well the website honestly made me more skeptical. Check it out. OR You can Just Read the back of the card that I posted the front picture of up at the top of the post. It's a little more whimsy and a little less straightforward. Just...
Now I contacted the company via Facebook with some questions when I was working on this review and the customer service was amazing. The feedback on my writing was really sweet... so I feel bad being critical but...
I am not the target audience for the way this product is portrayed. And I guess that's part of why I wanted to keep my blog around a while before I posted about it. I wanted to sort of make my character known. Because I want people to know that this product is something I'm serious about and uh... the website reads a little late night buy it now special to me. Then I used it and essentially wrote a review that looks like a love letter written by the kind of stalker you probably ought to get a restraining order against. So what the hell do I know? 
Claims and my thoughts...Directly from the website
"You can get rid of all of the dry or dead skin on your body. No more “dry bits” anywhere, skin so hydrated and even in texture all over your body that you can skip on any moisturizers."
Skip on moisturizers? No I really can't. But suddenly those moisturizers make my skin soft rather than just "not peeling and cracking today." For someone who has spent most of her life being asked what's wrong with her skin by total strangers that is a big deal man.
"You can get rid of most enlarged pores and eliminate blackheads. In fact, most of this you can achieve after using Baiden Mitten for the very first time. Totally clean and diminished pores can be yours literally just a few days from now."
Uh... I use prescription strength Tretinoin at a fairly high level on my face so my pores are clear and I've been using chemical peels a long time... I do think though that if I needed to clear my pores this would help? Still I'm not quitting my Tret. It keeps me from looking even older than I already look at this point.
"Your keratosis pilaris – chicken skin (you know those rough bumps on the back of your arms) will be completely eliminated and will stay away as long as you use Baiden Mitten regularly. You’ll finally be able to allow people to touch your skin without cringing!"
THIS hit me hard. I actually do still cringe when people touch me. I just don't like to be touched. But it's a pity because my skin is now so soft that someone should touch it. Everyone should have skin this soft... I can't believe my skin is soft.
"You will toughen the skin causing it to become far less sensitive to external factors. No more sunburns after spending a short time in the sun. No more dry and cracking skin when seasons change. No more hypersensitivity to wind and to changes in temperature."
Uh... I have very pale skin, health problems, and I'm on medications that increase photosensitivity. I've been hyperensitive my whole life. I have been told I have a limited "happy temperature range" and it's true. I don't even like the weather in oh so sunny California. But hey a just because it didn't do this for me doesn't mean it doesn't do this for some people... I mean Italy towels work for some people...
"You can considerably reduce the appearance of cellulite. Fatty deposits under the skin are broken up by a firm Baiden Mitten massage  and then carried away due to increased blood flow. No more dimples in all the wrong places. Yay!"
I had cellulite at 85 pounds. I still do. It's true though that its only visible up close and when my body is in certain positions. If I knew how to "work my angles" like a model or whatever I could probably make it appear that I didn't have any at all. Even my shortest skirts cover it because I wear tights and it's not bad enough that you can see it through tights so... Maybe it would be worse without my Baiden use? I don't really know. I honestly get enough other benefits that I'm not going to take six months of to give you a documented cellulite update though. Sorry guys. I just don't care that much about cellulite period. If I could make it go away I would but... Since it isn't on my face....

"You can use Baiden Mitten on your lips and even on your eyelids. Get back your full, luscious lips You can replenish lost collagen and fill in wrinkles and folds. You’ll notice the change within just a few weeks and see it continue to improve the longer you use the Baiden Mitten!"
OK again about my Tret. I don't really have wrinkles and folds to fill in... my lips are the same shape. Using this GENTLY is good prep for a drying lipstick. Again though anywhere on the face be extra extra GENTLE... Except they have a solution for that now that didn't exist when I got my original... more on that later.

"You can greatly diminish appearance of scars and stretch marks. The stimulating massage that your skin gets from Baiden Mitten results in it being able to repair itself on its own."
 Oh I don't know what to say here. have my scars and stretch marks faded? Yes. Was it the Baiden Mitten, my other products, or time that allowed this to happen? I don't know for sure. I do know that for years before using the Baiden Mitten skincare products weren't able to penetrate my skin as easily to work their magic. So if the products helped the Baiden Mitten helped. If time was responsible... The Baiden Mitten helped too because I would have NEW scars from continuing skin problems to replace the old ones and the fading wouldn't make a bit of difference to me.

"You can enjoy a clear complexion without any outbreaks and much less discolorations. You can only get pimples if your pores are clogged and infected (Note: you must get your acne under control before using Baiden Mitten. Baiden Mitten can help prevent acne but will not cure it)."
I do like that they say it can't cure acne. Please don't use this on an active outbreak. You'll be possibly spreading the issue.

"You can detox your whole body every week and increase oxygenation of blood. Skin is one of the largest organs in our bodies that eliminates waste. By keeping all the pores open, you let your body sweat through its entire surface…thus getting rid of toxins. Better blood flow is stimulated with vigorous massage resulting in greater oxygen absorption. In other words, you’ll feel healthy and alive after every use of your Baiden Mitten."
I... don't believe in detox.... anything. Liver. Kidneys. Those are for detoxing. Not special teas or diets. But here's the thing... All talk of toxins aside massage does help decrease excess fluid build up. Guess who often experiences fluid retention? Me! Yes this totally helps with that. Do I buy the part about toxins personally? No. But I retain enough water that my shoes won't fit some days and yes vigorous massage of the body with something like the Baiden mitten (or other tools,) is MUCH healthier than popping a diuretic regularly. Although if this kind of bloating happens to you often see a doctor not a product. (I have... I'm a work in progress OK?)
Wasn't that fun guys? Now that we've talked about what the product is we can talk more about me  my experience using the product! 
Other stuff I have tried in my search for ultra soft skin...
I have tried body lotions, oils, and scrubs from both top of the line brand to drugstore. From prescription treatments, doctor recommended over the counter options to the homeopathic. Oatmeal baths. Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E supplements. Zinc supplements. Massive dietary restrictions to check for sensitivities... I have some but none of them changed my skin.
I have tried dry brushing. I still do this actually. I find it helpful. It just isn't a complete solution for me.
Salux cloths. Again... I still use them. You can't use a Baiden mitten quite as often as a Salux cloth. Mostly because the don't exfoliate as much.
Body scrubs. Well we've all heard about how abrasive shreds of nuts are in scrubs and how micro beads are destroying the planet so stick to sugar scrubs here. These feel nice. I like using them after a Baiden session. Again they didn't ever change my skin.
Italy towels! I've heard people say these are the exact same thing. OK cool. If these work for you then keep using them. I'm sure if I went to a real Korean spa and had myself professionally scrubbed it would work for me too but despite attempting the use of these countless times I can't get them to do ANYTHING for me. It's cool though. They didn't go to waste. I use my failures for cleaning. You really need to clean the tub after using a Baiden Mitten.
I mentioned Lotions already but I didn't mention chemical peels. Yes. Makeup Artists Choice Makes a full body chemical Peel. It helps. But again... It's kind of like how my medications help my mental health issues. They help but I'm still not normal. Hey Baiden... Can you guys makea brain Mitten?
How I ended up with Baiden Mitten

Uh... Yeah this all becomes part of a long narrative. I'm sorry. I'm a talker. It's what I do. 
The way the Baiden Mitten changed my life (no really this is sappy but not an exaggeration.) I actually posted a review on Amazon before my blog. So... here it is...
This product exceeded my expectations by a long shot! I have actually owned two Baiden Mittens although I honestly think I would not have needed a replacement if my original had not been lost in a move.
I received my first Baiden Mitten as a gift from a sort of internet friend with a blog. We had chatted on the forum Reddit and I found her blog to be honest even if a product was sponsored. I happened to come across a review of the Baiden Mitten on one of those forums and it was beyond glowing. I searched high and low for more reviews. I found a few (on Amazon, blogs, and Reddit,) that offered cheaper options with apparently similar results. As a person with a tight budget I went with those choices first.
It turns out I would have saved money skipping those! I know that Kesse mitts and Italy clothes work wonders for lots of people but I didn't get the kind of results I saw in Baiden Mitten reviews. I researched so I knew I was using the products correctly. I thought perhaps the photos were exaggerated because I've seen that kind of thing before. Have you heard of "peeling gels?" Well they have compounds made to ball up so it appears that dead skin is just rolling off. I thought perhaps something like that had been used in the photos.
I've suffered from extremely dry skin my entire life. I know many people have dry skin but I had 20+ years of doctors trips with no resolution for mine. I tried lotions, oils, dietary changes, and prescription creams. My skin was so dry that it always had the look people call "ashy" and yes that happens to those with light skin too.
My skin was tight and itched and despite keeping my nails short I always managed to claw at in my sleep. For my entire childhood people asked if I had chickenpox, had been attacked by mosquitos, and there were even rumors of scabies. Having any of those problems is nothing to be ashamed of but my condition was not contagious and the reaction of not only other children but parents as well was frankly traumatizing. I'm glad I learned to cover up and got out of school before the bed bug epidemic! I honestly wore jeans and a hooded sweatshirt every day even riding my bicycle to school in Florida. There was more comfort in covering my skin than staying cool.
In my early twenties in a fit of frustration I started piling all my failed lotions and creams on my skin in vain attempt to do SOMETHING. This ended up being the first step to my solution. Individual creams and oils did nothing but if properly layered I could keep my skin healthy enough that I at least wasn't creating fresh wounds each night in my sleep.
I still never achieved skin that was "soft" as lotion reviews claimed but I was happy to at least not look like a walking infection. My skin is prone to long lasting post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and I damaged it badly enough to leave real scars. This was a 20 plus year issues after all!
During a very stressful time involving a cross country move, lapse of insurance, a heat wave, and uncertainty about my employment future I broke out in hives from the stress from my chin to my toes. I bought over the counter remedies but since my insurance lapsed I failed to see a doctor. The hives lasted and amazing six weeks and no amount of product layering could save me from returning my skin to its former broken condition. On top of that I had little rough bumps all over my body (yes even on part of my face, fingers, and toes.) My boyfriend had moved for his job prior to this incident and when I completed the trip to meet him he was horrified by my condition and convinced me to see a dermatologist.
With no insurance this was very expensive but with a few prsecripons including oral steroids and a prescription strength cortisone cream the hives finally passed. The little bumps? They stayed. Keratosis Pilaris was the diagnosis. Many people experience this issue usually in a localized area like the thighs or in my grandmothers case the back of her arms. My case was different. It was trauma induced. I had literally clawed at my skin enough to damage hair follicles on the majority of my body. Prescriptions to ease them did nothing despite the cost and over the counter products that followed would only temporarily diminish the appearance. On contact my skin was similar to sandpaper. Urea, glycolic acid lotion, dry brushing, Salux cloths, Italy towels, and even full body chemical peels wouldn't make the bumps go away even more than a year later. I never stopped searching and when I read that forum post saying the Baiden Mitten reduced a woman's (much less severe and widespread but equally persistent, KP after one use and eliminated it after a few and I became obsessed.
I talked about the product to anyone who would listen and dreamed of saving up for it. I mean it had a 60 day money back guarantee after all! Friends and coworkers alike all balked at the idea of a $50 bath mitten. I sought the advice of a woman I had met on a forum. She had an awesome blog where she reviewed skincare and makeup and I trusted her opinion. She had not heard of the Baiden Mitten but was intrigued by the idea. A week later one appeared in my mailbox. This was around December 2014. I searched my account statement and I could not find a purchase. I suddenly realized where it came from and immediately messaged her to make sure there was no mistake and also to express my extreme gratitude.
I was shocked when my first use gave results that looked like the pictures I had seen. I was even more shocked that my skin felt smoother. I still had bumps but it was like moving from sandpaper to textured fabric. That might seem small but for me it was huge. The products that I applied also seemed to sink in more easily. Less than three months of regular use and the protein plugs that had plagued my skin since August of 2012 (yeah more than a year,) had slowly vanished.
In addition my chronic ingrown hair problem while still there was greatly reduced! One day while getting dressed my hand brushed my body and I realized it felt like I was touching someone else. My skin was soft for the first time in my life. I examined my skin further and realized the marks that covered my skin were mostly faded. I'm sure my many products helped but without the Baiden Mitten to aid absorption (not to mention eliminating my texture issue,) it would have taken much longer. I've had marks from a mild scrape last nearly a year.
During a move around six months after my gift arrived my original Baiden Mitten was "lost." Due to the expense of moving I held off on a replacement for a few months. I tried to maintain my skin with my 10% glycolic lotion, Amlactin, dry brushing, Italy towels, and all the products I had tried before. My KP did not come back but as time passed my ingrown hair rate increased again. My skin wasn't as rough as its worst and I avoided tearing it off in my sleep but it was no longer soft. I felt like I was covered in a film of dry skin again and I suddenly had a reason to be thankful that I was single again. I was working part time at the mall after leaving my full time job for the initial move and after my relationship ended I still hadn't obtained full time employment. When I finally got promoted to full time despite the long term strain created by my move, relationship status change, and additional move I still had to reward myself with a replacement. It was worth every penny.
At the age of 25 (nearly 26,) for the first time in my life I went out in public with not only my arms uncovered but my legs as well. Clothing I had covered up with layering modification to hide my skin could suddenly be worn in its full glory. I collect vintage dresses so it was a serious upgrade to my appearance. The confidence boost helped me to get over my fear of having my photo taken to start my own blog around a year ago and post reviews of products I had been compiling notes on for years with photos! I found myself actually using the social media platforms like Intagram and Facebook that I had never really used before. I've made some actual friends through these connections and while I can't credit the Baiden Mitten with everything I have to say that as materialistic as it sounds to call a product life changing... For me the effects of the Baiden Mitten were a key part.
I waited to post on my blog about the Baiden Mitten till I had established almost a year of content. I'm very critical of products and I factor price into whether the results are worth it. I didn't want to write such a glowing review only to have it discounted as a commercial piece meant to be bait click for views (I don't get paid per click anyway,) or to reel in sponsors or something. I wanted my review taken at face value.
I figured since I bought the product on Amazon I should copy some of my blog draft too. I was amazed when I searched the product to find the line had massively expanded. I can't wait to try more. Initially I wanted to buy a replacement for my review post because despite washing after every use my Baiden Mitten is no longer pretty. The thing is... The replacement was purchased July 31 2015 and... It's still working like new. Each time I use it I expect the results to diminish. It's not made to last forever after all. Well I finally decided to go for it! If I wait till I need a new one it could be another few years!
I am also very excited about the prospect the items in the set. A lighter option for more delicate skin and a back product for those with less flexibility sound great. I'm one of the lucky few who can reach my whole back but less contortion for the scrubbing should make the process faster, more comfortable, and frankly a little safer than my current routine. Since the set comes with a regular Baiden Mitten I'll update with a side by side of new vs. used and if/when my current Mitten really does need to be replaced I'll come back and post a life length update. So far I'm a few days short of 19 months as of today 07/29/16. $50 is a lot up front but it would be less than $3 a month even if it died tomorrow. Even if cheaper options like Italy clothes worked the same way for me I've never found one that lasted that long. Replacement cost is a thing to consider too (not to mention waste.) If other options are working for you then it's not my place to knock what works. Plenty of well loved and often expensive products have been failures for me. If you have tried other things though and like me you have accumulated a lot of failures along the way I think this product is worth a shot. There's a 60 day money back guarantee and within 60 days of my initial use I had visibly changed skin above and beyond the satisfaction of skin piles in the tub.
Tips for success:
1. Read the instructions. I'm all about reviews but I tend to ignore instructions. I'm one of those stubborn types usually portrayed by men on tv and in movies. I'm lucky I found the instructions in a review or I might have used the product incorrectly and quit before I experienced my awesome long term results.
2. I'm not sure about everyone but as a skincare fanatic prone to serious sunburns from minor exposure I'm constantly covered in a layer of waterproof sunscreen unless I've just washed my skin. The directions state that you should soak in clean water with no soap to avoid making the skin slippery and lessening the effectiveness. As a dry skinned person I'm also constantly covered in my layers of lotions and oils. A bath of clean water doesn't take all that off. Aside from the lotion lessening the effect of the product waterproof sunscreen is a pain to scrub off without soap (literally.) Failure to account for this early on may be part of why my mitten is so discolored. It still worked but my skin is never happy that I've been so rough with it. To solve this I clean off my skin before my soak and remove all sunscreen, lotion, and soap residue before entering the clean bath. This means the only purpose of the scrubbing is to roll of that skin!
3. They aren't joking about staring slowly. It's amazing how gentle I can be with my skin and still achieve results. Excessive frequency or pressure can exfoliate a little too much and that can be painful, ugly, and increase the wait time before you get to experience the skin piles again while the skin heals!
4. Rinse your body very well after scrubbing. Finding little bits of left behind skin after dressing is not pleasant. I've found that even more dead skin comes loose with just my hands during my rinse off once the Baiden Mitten does the initial work. Make sure your skin is done to increase comfort afterwards.
5. Clean the tub right away! The skin rolls are gross to clean off but it's only harder later. I also recommend cleaning the tub twice. The first time is to clear out the initial round of dead skin before a shower. This not only helps avoid clogging the drain and stepping in your own skin roll mess it is also for safety. A slippery tub is dangerous. The second cleaning is after the rinse to avoid leaving a mess for later. Even if you live alone with no one to be bothered by it believe me it's just easier done right away.
6. Personal preference applies but for safetly (again,) I drain the tub and use a shower matt before scrubbing to avoid slipping and falling during my scrubbing. I have abnormally poor balance but hey safety first! (If you use a shower mat don't forget to clean under it as well!)
7. If you like to workout I've found the Baiden Mitten is great after a long workout. The sweating lets me skip the soaking if I want (just rinse off as usual first.) The scrubbing also feels great on well worked muscles! As an add on if you happen to have access to a sauna or steam room (like I do at my gym,) those are also both great pre scrub preparations. Just remember if you shower at the facility the staff didn't sign up for more than regular cleaning and other guests might not appreciate the view so be courteous and clean up after yourself.
If you finished reading that I'm impressed! I hope it helped you towards your choice on whether or not to try the product. I can't promise it will make as an extreme of a difference for everyone or even that everyone will like it but for me the Baiden Mitten was a game changer!
Photos of my well used Baiden Mitten that I would only replace for vanity reasons. Luckily I'm single so no one is seeing and judging my for not tossing it. It's very old, it's ugly, but I keep it clean and it still works. Why not get every penny out of it?
 Baiden Mitten
 Baiden Mitten after

That is my arm. One stroke. I know I know it's red. For me though even warm not super hot water makes my skin red. It goes away quickly. Though I have read other reviews where people said redness lingered after the first use. So start slowly... remember you have 60 days to decide if you like it. You don't have to scrub off all your skin the first day.
Want to pick up your own?
Directly from Baiden if you want to use paypal
The Baiden Mitten Line has also  expanded.
You can now get the Tan Mitten which is the same texture as the original but is tinted orange because fake tanner can cause staining. I don't personally have the patience for upkeep and aside from when I'm foundation shopping/applying and mixing colors because I'm hard to match I'm comfortable with my skin tone. If you like the look of a bit more color though self tanners are by far superior to risking skin cancer. I managed to stain mine not properly removing a tinted sunscreen before soaking (like I said sometimes the water resistance is serious even if it's past the time limit for effective coverage the residue remains on the skin.)
The Baiden Mitten for Men is grey (my favorite color,) and has a more coarse texture. It's meant to account for men having in theory a higher percentage of body hair. I want to try this myself because I love grey (shallow I know,) and also because my skin and hair are a bit more stubborn than the average person. I'm hoping this will take my skin to the next level.
Then there is the Baiden Exfoliator kit which is at the moment the only place to get the Baiden Back and Baiden lite. It also comes with the original Baiden mitten all in a kit. I'm hoping a kit comes out in the men's version if that works out for me.
The Baiden Back is the same texture as the original and is meant to help those of use who are a little less flexible and either don't have or don't want to ask a partner to help with hard to reach places. I can reach my entire body but I love the idea of speeding up the routine and saving the workout for the gym.
The Baiden Lite is meant for facial use. The original Baiden mitten can be used with more gentle pressure but the Lite mitten is intended to save us from the temptation of scrubbing a bit too deeply. I also just like the idea of having a mitten for my face that doesn't touch the rest of my body. My current routine involves washing the mitten between uses and doing my face a different day. I used my original on my face more when I have KP but now I only do it occasionally like before hair removal.
Want the kit?
Directly from Baiden if you want to use paypal
The Baiden Foot is the most coarse of the line up and it is also the newest product. I am about to start testing this because I couldn't resist. My feet are the one part of my body the Baiden Mitten can't handle. I've also had multiple peeling treatments that are well reviewed fail to make my feet peel though so I just have stubborn skin. It's black... Ooh! I expected it to be smaller but it's the size of a full sized original. The original Baiden mitten let me leave my limbs uncovered in public for the first time in over a decade. Maybe the Baiden foot will make my runners feet presentable enough to earn the courage to get my first pedicure? Time will tell.
Directly from Baiden if you want to use paypal
(ok this one I ended up trying already... and I think my review is the only one up at the moment and in MY opinion it's hilarious because I embarrassed myself and well... It will be on the blog soon with more detail anyway but go read it if you want to laugh at me.

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