Thursday, December 1, 2016


Work in progress...

This Blog uses affiliate links, referral links, Google Adsense, and is now directly connected to a newly opened shop called Leturos Meloria that contains some of the products reviewed within. All products reviewed after the opening of the shop will disclose if the product was tried before or after the shop came to exist.

What's an affiliate link?

An affiliate link provides a commission when used. There are many different programs from many different shops. At the moment I have Amazon Associate Links, Wishtrend Links, and Memebox Affiliate links. It does not cost you anything extra to use them! 

What people may not know... Commissions have a minimum earning before payout. So while I have these links available for anyone to use at the time of this post 11/30/16 I have not actually earned a commission from these links. I plan to disclose earnings if this blog does in fact become profitable. 

I am not required to disclose earnings but... If I have have any I will because I think it's pretty interesting. 
What's a referral Link?

A referral link is meant to be beneficial to both parties. They are typically for first time customers only. 

  • Holy Snails Save $5 off your first Purchase  (I earn 500 "Snail Shells" Which can be cashed in for $5 store credit. These are cumulative rewards so the Holy Snails Referral program is my favorite. It's also the ONLY referral link I've seen used at the time of this post (11/30/16) 
  • Memebox get 20% off your first order  I believe my link was used one time. I get a code for $10 off that can not be stacked with other codes if this link is used. If I ever get a surplus of these I'll post them to giveaway. 
  • Beautibi take $5 off your first purchase  (I believe I would get $5 store credit.) 
  • and more if I decide to use/add them

What is Adsense?

My blog displays ads. When using Wordpress the only way to remove those ads was to pay a fee. Guess what? Blogger is a Google platform so they offer the opportunity to make a commission on views. I don't get to pick the ads (sorry.) 

I am unsure how exactly commission is calculated. I can say however that for me at least it certainly isn't a huge source of income. There is a minimum of commissions achieved before a payout occurs. At the time of posting (11/30/16.) This blog has never received a payment from Ad Sense and has earned... less than $2 in "owed." If a payout occurs and this blog becomes profitable I will disclose the amounts. This is not required. Only disclosure of the use (which is done automatically,) is required. I just think it's interesting. 

How am I connected to Leturos Meloria?

Well that is a good question and a complicated story. To keep it short: I pick the products and if you buy them I will be the person packing and shipping them out.

The shop story itself is much much longer. Am I the shop owner? Not really no. Is this blog to promote the shop/the shop to promote the blog? No.

The shop is complicated. It's not huge money making scam. The blog and the shop being connected is unavoidable with open disclosure BUT... they are not meant to promote each other.

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